Film4 reinvents the movie channel ident

Film4, the UK’s number one movie channel, has revealed a refreshed on-air brand identity that draws cleverly on the traditional film strip.

A reinvention of the channel’s pre-existing idents, which were introduced when Film4 became free-to-air in 2006, the new idents, shot across five different locations, pay homage to moments of cinematic history whilst including covert references for the more discerning film fan. (How many can you spot?)

The idents were conceived, designed and directed by independent design agency ManvsMachine under the creative directorship of Daniel Chase, head of on-air promotions for 4Creative, Channel 4’s own creative agency.

source: Creative Bloq

(Source: flatstudio)

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Set and costume designer: Palle Sten Christensen

Set and costume designer: Maja Ravn

Set and costume designer: Mia Stensgaard

Cover for Empire Magazine by Iloveduest

Whirling Dervish by Trevor Leat

Thom Atkinson has documentet how much a standard soldier’s kit has changed since 1066. Watch the entire series here